Igus introduces Dryspin lightweight lead screws

  • February 19, 2016
  • igus, Inc.
Igus introduces Dryspin lightweight lead screws
Igus introduces Dryspin lightweight lead screws

February 19, 2016 - Igus introduces Dryspin lightweight lead screws that offer considerable weight savings, as well as the reduction of required maintenance and external lubrication, with dramatic increases in service life due.

Featuring tribologically optimized plastic lead screw nuts and hard anodized aluminum screws, dryspin is available in a range of lead screw diameters, ranging from six to 20 millimeters. Utilizing asymmetric geometry to reduce friction, vibration and wear rates, dryspin lead screws and nuts are an excellent alternative to stainless steel options.

A wide range of lead screw nut types are available, created from highly engineered and tested self-lubricating iglide materials, including anti-backlash options, and lead screws are available in a range of thread options. All lead screw sizes previously only available in stainless steel are now available in rugged, lightweight anodized aluminum.

According to Stefan Niermann, head of DryLin linear technologies at igus GmbH, “aluminum is not only very light and corrosion free, but it also achieves extremely high wear resistance and low coefficients of friction due to the hard anodizing process.”

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