INSYS introduces two serial gateways

  • March 09, 2016
  • INSYS Automation
INSYS introduces two serial gateways
INSYS introduces two serial gateways

March 9, 2016 - INSYS icom announces two hardware bundles for their EBW series of industrial routers. The EBW serial bundle combines a router with an "INSYS Ethernet" serial Ethernet gateway to enable easy integration of serial devices into state-of-the-art IP networks. The EBW ADSL Bundle comprising an EBW series industrial router and an INSYS ADSL modem provides a redundant WAN communication port, which ensures enhanced availability in ADSL applications.

If an ADSL line is disconnected, the EBW router will automatically switch to the secondary link. INSYS ADSL supports Annex J/B and is therefore fully suitable for applications based on the current Annex J standard. The router in the bundle can be either an EBW-L100 with LTE capability, an HSPA-enabled EBW-H100, or an EBW E100 for LAN-to-LAN connections only.

EBW series devices feature a router, modem, and 2-port switch in a single enclosure. Integrated firewall and VPN functionality safeguards data transmissions. Like all INSYS icom routers, EBW models are pre-configured for the manufacturer's own easy-to-use VPN service, INSYS connectivity service. Two annual licenses with the latest features are supplied free of charge with every INSYS connectivity service account. Both are fully-fledged stand-alone licenses: there are no tie-ins that must be paid for or other license packages that must be procured. Also, they are renewed automatically at the end of the year. Furthermore, the INSYS Monitoring App is provided for optional use with all EBW routers. This app enables intelligent status monitoring for LOGO!TM and S7 Siemens controllers as well as Modbus TCP/RTU devices. Direct connections to the Cumulocity Cloud and Deutsche Telekom "Cloud der Dinge" are also supported. 

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