Maxon releases EPOS4 positioning controller

  • May 16, 2016
Maxon releases EPOS4 positioning controller
Maxon releases EPOS4 positioning controller

May 16, 2016 - maxon motor, a Swiss drive specialist, launched the EPOS4 as the next generation of positioning controllers.

The EPOS4 module boasts detachable pin headers and two different power ratings. With a connector board, the modules can be combined into a ready-to-install compact solution. The position controllers are suitable for control of brushed DC motors and brushless BLDC motors (EC motors) with Hall sensors and encoders up to 750 W continuous power and 1500 W peak power.

The Swiss drive specialists at maxon motor have equipped its CANopen positioning motor controllers with more power, better control performance, and additional functionalities. The modular concept also provides for a variety of expansion options with Ethernet-based interfaces, such as EtherCAT or absolute rotary encoders.

The combination of a variety of operating modes and control characteristics like Field Oriented Control (FOC) with multiple analog and digital I/O, along with various command options, enables applications in a number of fields from medical technology to robotics. maxon relies on integrated protective devices like the Safe Torque Off (STO) functionality.

Start-up and parameterization are performed with a graphical user interface called “EPOS Studio” and menu-controlled wizards. An automatic process for controller tuning has also been part of the package. Together with the three freely available libraries and programming examples, this is designed to make integration, in a variety of systems, very easy.

All these characteristics are combined with a large input voltage range of up to 50 VDC, extremely high power density, and up to 98% efficiency. 

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