MDT Software releases AutoSave Basic

  • December 02, 2015
  • MDT Software

December 2, 2015 - MDT Software releases  AutoSave Basic, change management software  built specifically for small and medium sized operations.

AutoSave Basic provides version control, archival backups, user access control, and audit trail support for PLC, CNC, robots, SCADA, drives, documents and any file that requires version control. AutoSave Basic will ensure that if a device fails, the most current copies of program logic and documentation are available so plant operations can be restored quickly and correctly. Features of AutoSave Basic include:

AutoSave Basic costs $4,850. This price includes a 12-month software license, the first year’s maintenance, remote installation services and support for up to 50 programs. After the first year, an annual fee extends the license and support. Version upgrades are also included. AutoSave Basic runs on SQL Express so there are no additional database costs.

Easily configurable: Templates are included for common automation software packages. The templates greatly increase ease of use by pre-populating project information inherent to the software package thereby eliminating the need to manually configure the project.

Built for purpose: Rather than trying to use a source code repository intended for software developers, AutoSave Basic’s intuitive interfaces are designed with the automation engineer in mind. Every aspect of the product is tailored to maintaining the unique intellectual property within the automation layer.

Scalable: As a plant’s needs grow, more programs, device modules and features (i.e. scheduled comparison) can be easily added.

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