New Passive harmonic Filter THDI<8% or 5%

  • May 23, 2016
  • Sikes Electric Co.,Ltd
New Passive harmonic Filter THDI<8% or 5%
New Passive harmonic Filter THDI<8% or 5%

Sikes passive harmonic filter is designed for almost any kind of electronic applications with six pulse front end rectifiers . The filter can efficiently reduce the harmonic current distortion to required level.

Typical application: non-linear three-phase power supplies where potential risk is high due to thermal and electrical overload caused by harmonic currents. (THDiÔºú5% on request)

Applications: DC Fast Chargers; HVAC Installations; Fan and pump applications; Industrial automation and robotic equipment; AC and DC Motor drives & frequency inverters; Equipment with six pulse front end rectifier. Product Features:

THDi<10%(5%)filter; Quick installation and easy commissioning design; Cost-effective passive harmonic filter;

Helps to comply with international power quality standards. Technical Chracteristics: Norminal operating voltage:3*380 to 500VAC±10%; Operating Frequency:50Hz(60Hz upon request); THDi<10% or <5% (system requirements:TDHv<2% ,line voltage unbalance<1%); Norminal Power Rating:3.7kw to 630kw; Efficiency:98% to 99% @ norminal line voltage; Overload :1.6X rated current for 1min , once per hour; Ambient temperature:-25 to +40‚ÑÉ; Protection:IP30(IP40/IP54 upon request),Indoor:IP20; Cooling:Internal air forced; Sikes passive harmonic filer is your ideal choice except Schaffner and MTE filters .

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