Phoenix Contact expands Power Turn high-current terminals

  • November 05, 2015
  • Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Contact expands Power Turn high-current terminals
Phoenix Contact expands Power Turn high-current terminals

November 5, 2015 - Phoenix Contact expanded its range of Power Turn high-current terminals to include options with maximum wire sizes from 10 AWG to 250 MCM. The terminals make it easy and secure to connect the conductors, using just a standard screwdriver and a single-lever movement.

The conductors can also be directly inserted with the lever closed using the built-in push-in mechanism. This is useful for installation locations with limited space. Special pressure springs and a copper clamping connector ensure a vibration-proof connection of the conductor.

This range of terminals is fitted on a mounting rail or directly on the assembly surface as a flange solution. The preassembled terminals are available for a range of different functions, which can significantly reduce assembly and logistics costs. Fully insulated pick-off terminals with double-sided snap-on mechanisms facilitate voltage tapping of up to four 8-AWG wires per terminal.

The insulated insertion bridges are permanently lockable, allowing simple voltage distribution. The terminals have a large labeling surface and a built-in, double-sided 2.3-mm test socket for standard testing connectors.

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