Production Process releases MDT-20 gateway

  • March 01, 2016
  • Production Process

March 1, 2016 - Production Process releases MDT-20 gateway, a universal, real-time data collection and production scheduling interface between any discrete manufacturing process and an ERP/MRPII system.

The MDT-20 provides a bi-directional link to any discrete parts manufacturing machine, plus it adds intelligence in the form of production, performance and Job tracking information typically not available in a PLC/machine controller.

To collect data the MDT-20 accepts up to four electrical operating signals from the machine. It records cycle time and rate, part and reject counts, down time, and calculates equipment Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Data is transmitted via wired or wireless Ethernet to supporting Production Manager or Job Manager Software.

The MDT-20’s bi-directional link to system software affords two benefits. First, it provides an automated export of production and performance data for reporting and updating inventory. Second, an import of the Master Production Schedule to individual machine Job Queues provides dynamic production scheduling and real-time Job completion tracking.

Automated data collection and export to ERP/MRPII eliminates the inefficiencies, time delays and errors of manual production data collection and transcription. Tracking Work in Process and rejects in real time improves inventory accuracy and minimizes the need for safety stock and routine physical counting. Analysis of run time, down time and key performance indicators such as OEE, improves utilization of production assets and provides the foundation for Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing. Management can quickly identify underperforming machines, both visually and through e-mail alerts that show the status and performance metrics for any machine or work center. Accurate Job costs can be determined by analyzing historical data such as setup time, run time, down time, cycle time and production rate and OEE against Job standards.

To improve planning and scheduling performance, the system imports the Master Production Schedule directly into the individual production machine Job Queues. The system then accurately calculates the start/finish times of each Job based on real-time operating conditions, shift production schedule and efficiency factors related to the individual Job or machine. Now, Production Scheduling and Sales departments have a real-time view of the status of customer orders and their completion date. “What if” production scheduling changes can be made without disturbing actual schedule; Jobs projected to be late are flagged immediately. At Job and Shift end files are generated for feedback to ERP/MPRII on Job starts and completions, along with automated inventory and Work in Progress updates.

A Tablet PC serves as an optional, low cost HMI for display of real-time manufacturing productivity OEE dashboards as well as for Operator entry of down time reasons, rejects and Job change requests. Keeping the Operator informed of his performance and involved in the operation and maintenance of his machine is an essential part of a Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Lean Manufacturing programs.

MDT-20 costs $1,200 (quantity one) and can be supplied with unlimited-user Production Manager or Job Manager Software at additional cost.

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