Siemens releases Version 7.4 of Simatic WinCC SCADA software

  • April 14, 2016
  • Siemens
Siemens releases Version 7.4 of Simatic WinCC SCADA software
Siemens releases Version 7.4 of Simatic WinCC SCADA software

April 14, 2016 - In this Version 7.4 of the Simatic WinCC SCADA software, Siemens is focusing on efficiency and openness. Furthermore, Simatic WinCC can now also be used with Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise. The WebUX option for the web- based operator control and monitoring, using commercially available HTML5- compatible devices via the Internet, has been extended in its functionality. WebUX now supports all popular WinCC controls and enables objects to be made more dynamic by means of script.

For the purpose of greater openness the channel to the Simatic S7 controllers has been extended and is now enabled, for example, for large plants with up to128 S7-1500 controllers. In addition, a standard OPC UA client has been integrated in order to exchange data easily with third-party systems. For the exchange of data (iDoc) with MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and SAP systems, the WinCC IndustrialDataBridge option has been extended to include an XML file-based interface.

Various functional expansions in Simatic WinCC Version V 7.4 increase the engineering efficiency. The user is supported by a drag and drop facility between Configuration Studio and Graphics Designer as well as extended search and replace functions. Furthermore, bulk data can be processed purposefully in Version V 7.4 by means of a VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) interface. At runtime bar charts are now supported, and the trend and the bar-chart control has been expanded to include intuitive multi-touch gesture control, zooming and panning. For the efficient diagnosis of Simatic S7 controllers the system diagnosis control is now available.

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