ADLINK introduces EtherCAT control system

  • June 23, 2015
  • ADLINK Technology
ADLINK introduces EtherCAT control system
ADLINK introduces EtherCAT control system

June 23, 2015 - ADLINK Technology announced Talos-3012 IEC 61131-3-compliant automation controller and EPS Series time-deterministic I/O and motion control system. The combined solution provides time-deterministic control of automatic process, featuring high performance, easy development, rugged construction, intelligent management in ultra-small form factors, and minimal total cost of ownership. Integrated hardware and software elements, fast and easy API configuration, and Sofotion control kernel all drive speedy high performance for EtherCAT applications. Numerous ready-to-use features also speed development for next-generation smart factory environments.

Talos-3012 is a palm-size EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) master controller based on the Intel Atom quad-core processor E3845 1.9GHz, with IEC-61131 compliant syntaxes. The Talos master controller allows easy emigration of legacy PLC programming to a PC-based environment and Sofotion function blocks, with a single master controller able to connect up to 64 axes and 10,000 I/O points of control through a daisy-chained slave system. Superior computing power enables the Talos-3012 to flawlessly perform simultaneous multitask processing for HMI, motion control, PLC, and gateway operations in industrial automation applications.

EPS Series slave system’s modular design empowers flexible channel density in a 110 x 130 x 105 mm package. Incorporating the latest RISC processor and FPGA, EPS slave systems provide a wide variety of I/O modules, including DI/O, AI/O, thermal measurement, motion control, and EtherCAT communication modules, easily daisy-chained for system expansion with no compatibility issues.

The EtherCAT solution further minimizes configuration and maintenance burdens on system developers and users. The EtherCAT solution has been verified for interoperability with a variety of EtherCAT servo drives and third party EtherCAT products, providing the flexibility to select only the requisite EtherCAT elements. With ADLINK’s EtherCAT configuration utility, LinkMasterPro, the master system is able to automatically detect slave systems and I/O modules of any type and create corresponding XML files to complete configuration without any additional settings. ADLINK EtherCAT master controllers can easily connect to existing or expanded third party slave systems for automatic recognition and configuration with no compatibility problems. Moreover, ADLINK’s Sofotion utility provides a complete IEC 61131-3 edition environment supporting application-oriented functions and APIs for ease-of-use and shortened development time.

EPS slave systems support a wide variety of I/O, including DI/O, AI/O, thermal measurement and motion control with status monitoring function of EPS modules and systems, including overheating detection, low power detection, slave health reporting, error handling, and usage cycle of relay switching, as well as motion control status. All information can be retrieved for review via software or displayed by dedicated indicators, allowing the status of individual modules to be monitored. LinkMasterPro not only assists in EtherCAT configuration but also evaluates the functionality of every single EPS system, and the Auto-Slave detection function makes system configuration easier than ever.

The EPS slave system significantly eases system maintenance needs, with each hot-swappable slave module replaceable with no need to power down, for a serious reduction in MTTR (Mean-Time-to-Repair). Additionally, quick-removable connectors minimize rewiring efforts. ADLINK’s EtherCAT products all feature compact construction with fanless design, operable at -20°C to 60°C, with integral IP31-rated metal housing withstanding the rigors of harsh operating conditions.


“ADLINK industrial automation and motion control solutions have been widely adopted, to date driving over 500,000 axes industry-wide. As we introduce our completely new EtherCAT solution portfolio, we are confident that our extensive field experience, established one-stop service, comprehensive APIs, and highly integrated portfolio of off-the-shelf I/O modules and industrial computing platforms clearly set us apart from other providers. ADLINK’s new EtherCAT Solution helps customers to overcome even the most critical challenges of industrial automation,” said Simon You, Product Director for ADLINK’s Automation Product Center.


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