ASCON announces Pilot-ICE design data management system

  • August 21, 2015


August 21, 2015 - ASCON announces Pilot-ICE design data management system that enables firms to store, track, and analyze project data.

Pilot-Ice is a suitablesolution for design firms not yet using EDMS (engineering data management systems), or have so far refused to use them because of the cost of implementation and maintenance, or due to the requirement of IT specialists. The Pilot-ICE solution suits these firms, because they benefit from an “out of the box” experience, without the long times and costs of implementation.

Pilot-ICEuses a virtual cache drive on a virtual file system called Pilot-Storage. The file system becomes visible to all connected computers immediately after Pilot-ICE is installed. The installation itself is so easy that the full process takes fewer than ten minutes.

All work is carried out through the virtual cache drive, the contents of which are synchronized automatically with the server. The most significant aspect of the virtual approach is that the drive works independent of the server, and so does not depend on the constant availability of a network or even a steady connection to the server.  Users work with the virtual drive like a regular hard disk, and so can immediately share files without saving copies or creating network folders.

Pilot-ICE provides the tools needed to track multiple disciplines during projects and for corporate content management. Users will be able to use projects or employees report data in their decision making process. Pilot-Ice helps designers to successfully organize collaborative workflows for document creation. With the help of Pilot-Ice, users can track and record design efforts and share best practices.

Pilot-Storage system makes it easy to manage and control user data, while continuing to work without an Internet connection or server access, and to access effective technical support. 

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