ASI introduces SG4-B safety light curtains

  • August 14, 2015
  • Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. (ASI)
ASI introduces SG4-B safety light curtains
ASI introduces SG4-B safety light curtains

August 14, 2015– Automation Systems Interconnect releases 24 Vdc SG4-B Safety Light Curtains Series for fingers ranging in control heights from 150 to 1800 mm. The compact profile is only 32 x 37 mm, can detect objects 14mm wide, at a distance of 6 meters away and in 11 to 50 milliseconds.

The finger light curtains can be connected to force-guided safety relays using the EDM function which is a less expensive option or to Type 4 relays. It comes with a manual/automatic restart. This line of safety light curtains is ideal for applications that do not require complementary functions like Muting, Cascade and Blanking.

The amount of time required to install and align the emitter and receiver is short because the rotating top and bottom fixing brackets make alignment easy. Standard connections are used and no additional connection is required between the emitter and receiver. During use, alignment is guided by the 7 segment double display in both units.

The SG-4B can be used in applications like automatic assembling lines, packaging and cutting machines, textile, wood-working and ceramic machines, milling, lathing and shearing machines as well as bending and metal-working machines. It is UL Listed and meets CE requirements as well as NEMA 4x and IP65 protection. 

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