Customizable XY/XYZ Gantry Systems for Carrying High Loads

  • March 17, 2015
  • Zaber Technologies
Customizable XY/XYZ Gantry Systems for Carrying High Loads
Customizable XY/XYZ Gantry Systems for Carrying High Loads

Zaber’s G-LSQ Series gantry systems are complete, turn-key solutions that include the controller (A-MCB2 two-axis controller), power supply, and all the accessories needed for operation.

G-LSQ gantries are based on the robust and versatile LSQ Series of linear stages, which offer various travel ranges from 150 to 450 mm per axis, and speeds up to 330 mm/s. These gantries are designed for multi-axis applications that require additional support for heavier loads, or access to the area under the system. They can support loads up to 18 kg, and the coupled lead screw design provides high stiffness for quick and precise response.

Our gantries are customizable based on your requirements; different options include custom mounting, custom bases, elevated or raised axes, and more. In the photo, the XY gantry system shown has been mounted on standard aluminum framing to raise the Y axis stage 30 cm from the surface. This gantry uses two LSQ stages for the X and Y axes and one passive parallel stage to eliminate cantilever load exerted on the other stages.

To learn more about our customizable gantry solutions, please email us at or call 1-888-276-8033.


  • 150, 300, or 450 mm travel per axis
  • Versatile – up to 330 mm/s speed or 100 N thrust depending on lead screw choice
  • Customizable – add another Zaber stage for a Z-axis
  • Designed for use with A-MCB2 Series two-axis stepper motor controllers

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