Exele Releases VOIP Call-out Alarm Notification

  • June 15, 2015
  • Exele Information Systems, Inc.
Exele Releases VOIP Call-out Alarm Notification
Exele Releases VOIP Call-out Alarm Notification

June 15, 2015 - Exele Information Systems releases TopView 6.21 with VOIP Call-out alarm notification that delivers spoken alarm messages to phones and devices using a local network or through the Internet. No additional call-out devices or modems are required.

Unlike traditional phone calls over copper phone lines, VOIP calls are sent over the network through a VOIP Phone System that can be on-site or hosted in the cloud. Some hosted VOIP Phone Systems are free (similar to free email addresses).

Recipients of VOIP call-out alarm notifications can be land-line phones, mobile phones, and soft(ware) phones running on mobile devices, tablets, and computers. Alarms can be acknowledged using the recipient’s phone keypad.

TopView is a comprehensive alarm management and alarm notification software system for wherever data needs to be monitored. Use TopView for process and automation data (SCADA, PLC, Historians), relational databases, system performance and network ping response data. Generate audible alarms, send e-mail notification, SMS/text notification, voice notification and SNMP traps. Plus, desktop and mobile apps to keep users connected to important data and events. TopView is especially useful in water and waste-water, power generation, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, data centers, metals and mining, manufacturing, building management, chemical, pulp and paper, research, communication, transportation, IT, and system performance.

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Exele Information Systems, Inc. specializes in software and applications for process and building automation (OPC, SCADA, OSIsoft PI). 

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