Gateway Integrates SmartWire-DT into PROFINET, POWERLINK or EtherCAT

  • August 07, 2015
  • Hilscher
Gateway Integrates SmartWire-DT into PROFINET, POWERLINK or EtherCAT
Gateway Integrates SmartWire-DT into PROFINET, POWERLINK or EtherCAT

The SmartWire-DT Gateway is a modular node that integrates any SmartWire-DT network into PROFINET, Ethernet POWERLINK or EtherCAT networks. Process data from the SmartWire-DT stations is converted transparently between the SmartWire-DT protocol and the PROFINET, POWERLINK or EtherCAT protocols, depending on the gateway version used. Up to 1,000 bytes of process input/output data can be exchanged with up to 99 SmartWire-DT stations.

The SmartWire-DT PROFINET gateway is a modular PROFINET IO device, where each SmartWire-DT station is represented as a slot in the IO device. It is commissioned by pushing a configuration button that automatically saves the scanned SmartWire-DT network configuration. A PROFINET GSDML file is provided that contains the gateway parameters and all SmartWire-DT stations as configurable modules. SWD-Assist software may be used to plan, dimension and document the network offline. In online mode, it provides the status of the inputs and outputs, the SWD diagnostics and the generation of project-specific GSDML files.

The SmartWire-DT POWERLINK gateway is a single POWERLINK node, commissioned using SWD-Assist planning and diagnostic software over USB. A scan function automatically determines the network configuration, which is transformed by SWD-Assist into a standard POWERLINK XDD device description file.

The SmartWire-DT EtherCAT gateway connects a subordinate SmartWire-DT network to any EtherCAT master. It represents a single EtherCAT slave and maps each SmartWire-DT station and its process data modularly in slots.Commissioning is performed using the configuration button on the front of the device. Pressing it will recognize the connected SmartWire-DT topology and save it in the gateway. The EtherCAT master reads this configuration over EtherCAT in order to rebuild the configuration automatically in the engineering tool, in conjunction with the ESI device description file.

SWD-Assist software is Eaton’s planning and diagnostic tool and can be downloaded free at under:  Products > Partner Products > SmartWire­ > [Protocol Specific SmartWire Web Page]> Downloads > Software. Or it may be ordered as a DVD with USB cable.

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