Horner updates Cscape HMI design and programming software

  • June 12, 2015
  • Horner APG India

June 12, 2015 - Horner Automation Group updates Cscape HMI design and programming software. Enhancements in Cscape 9.6, Service Pack 3 (SP3) include 64 bit “Long Reals” for greater accuracy and calculation, and a free-form, drag and drop ladder editor, the newest Cscape software provides hundreds of functions to support conversion, string handling, advanced math, flow control, data logging, and more.

Other enhancements include:

Password protected objects for enhanced security measures

  • New animated switches for greater variety and functionality
  • New Modbus UDP Master/Slave protocol support
  • Allow Transparency in SVG based switches
  • Increase number of audio files available from 32 to 256
  • XL Series I/O Card 6
  • Integrated Support for the 4 channel HSC on XL4, XL7
  • Upgrade to Symbol Factory 3 Implemented
  • Trend Object Historic Replay Allows Variable Timebase
  • Advanced Screen Navigator

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