IDEC introduces Chilicon Power Solar Products

  • July 24, 2015
  • IDEC Corporation
IDEC introduces Chilicon Power Solar Products
IDEC introduces Chilicon Power Solar Products

July 24, 2015 – IDEC introduces Chilicon Power Solar Products, consisting of microinverters, a Gateway, cloud-based remote monitoring and control software, and related components.

Each microinverter connects to a photovoltaic module and converts its DC power to grid-compliant AC power. With microinverter technology, each photovoltaic module has its own microinverter. If one of the modules fails or goes into shadow, the rest are unaffected. This is in contrast to string inverter technology, where one inverter interfaces to a number of photovoltaic modules, reducing the power output of each to the level of the failed or shadowed module, greatly reducing total power output from the inverter.

With sustained power production of 250 Watts AC, the Chilicon CP-250 Microinverter has a peak efficiency of 96.6% and is backed by a 25-year warranty. Reliable components and intelligent firmware provide high-frequency grid monitoring to ensure safe operation at all times, and inputs are galvanically isolated from the grid connection to provide a safety barrier.

The Gateway networks with up to 255 microinverters and displays power and other information on its LCD screen. The Gateway features plug & play setup, and is Wi-Fi Enabled for easier installation. It communicates over existing electrical wires using power line mesh network technology.

The Gateway provides remote monitoring and control through Chilicon Power’s cloud-based software, allowing monitoring and managing of the solar power system 24/7. Full remote configuration and startup is offered to installers, along with remote troubleshooting. Remote firmware upgrades enable new functionality to be added without any changes to existing hardware.

Chilicon Power has been a leader in solar power systems since 2010, and they are now backed by IDEC Corporation’s 70-year history of providing reliable industrial automation parts, systems and service. With a common mission to provide environmentally conscious, sustainable products, IDEC has partnered with Chilicon Power to bring complete solar energy generation and control systems to their residential, commercial and industrial customers.

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