Kepware updates Historian software for On-Site Data Visualization

  • February 20, 2015
  • Kepware

February 20, 2015 - -KepwareTechnologies released KEPServerEX version 5.17 with enhanced Local Historian Plug-In.

The Local Historian is a flexible, easy to use, and cost-effective solution designed to solve tactical data historization challenges. With the release of KEPServerEX version 5.17, the plug-in will support OPC Historical Data Access (HDA) processed read requests. The processed read requests shift the heavy data computation load from the client to the historian server, minimizing the network load from each request. The updates support widely used processed read requests, including Interpolative, Time Average, Total, Average, Minimum Actual Time, and Maximum Actual Time.

Kepware announced key partnerships to help customers optimize their data analysis through third-party visualization and reporting solutions. The Local Historian's design decouples data storage from analytics, reporting, and trending tools so users can choose the solution that best meets their unique needs. Kepware has tested the plug-in with multiple third-party products to validate the accuracy of the software's OPC HDA implementation, including the following:

Advanced Mathematical Analytics

  • MATLAB by MathWorks
  • OPCcalc by EXELE Information Systems


  • Dream Report by Ocean Data Systems
  • XLReporter by SyTech


  • Glance by ECG
  • Oxalis by Bee Computing
  • rapidVision by Automsoft
  • SapphireTrend by Jemmac Software
  • TrendLink by Canary Labs

The Local Historian Plug-In supports high-speed logging to 10 milliseconds and tiered licensing for up to ten thousand tags. Open standards allow locally-stored data to be accessed from multiple clients with no additional cost per client connection. Please visit Kepware online for more information and free demonstration software.

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