Mitsubishi updates 800 Series VFDs

  • July 30, 2015
  • Mitsubishi Electric Automation
Mitsubishi updates 800 Series VFDs
Mitsubishi updates 800 Series VFDs

July 30, 2015 - Mitsubishi updates 800 Series VFDs with FR-Configurator2 variable frequency drive (VFD) programming software, plus plug-in type option cards and stand-alone accessories for its FR-A800 and FR-F800 series inverters.

The stand-alone and shared accessories include the programming software, keypads, cables, terminal blocks, resistors, and a regeneration controller. The FR-Configurator2 software allows users to view and set parameter lists, and check diagnostics.  It also lets users perform parameter conversion for easy migration from 700 Series VFDs to the newer 800 Series VFDs.  Key functions of the option card include input and output (digital and analog), communication and feedback.

800 Series inverters and the new options are well suited for controlling three-phase induction and IPM/SPM motors in fan and pump applications.  In the mining industry, they can be used in material handling conveyors, run in/out tables, reheat furnaces and cooling beds.

The 800 Series inverter option cards and accessories include a wide range of communications including CC-Link and PROFIBUS-DP, parameter programming units and operational display panels. The 800 Series also includes other stand-alone options, including harmonic suppression controllers, regenerative converters and heatsink options.


“These add-ons expand the functionality of 800 Series VFDs in a variety of applications from pumps and fans to complex motor control systems,” said Christopher Rhodes, product marketing engineer, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. “Food and beverage, HVAC, forestry and mining industries will especially benefit from these 800 Series VFD options.”


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