OpenLegacy announces esuite integration platform

  • June 23, 2015

June 23, 2015 – OpenLegacy announces eSuite Integration Platform, which makes it easy for enterprises to integrate their back-end systems of record with mobile, Web or cloud applications through a set of standard APIs. 

The eSuite builds on OpenLegacy’s existing legacy modernization solutions (iSuite and zSuite), which provide enterprises with a rapid and low risk way to extend reliable legacy systems such as IBM i (formerly known as AS/400 or iSeries) and mainframes into robust, high capacity modern applications to deliver solutions such as mobile apps for the manufacturing floor, integration with modern CRM systems and more. Typically these types of modernization projects have been expensive, complex and time consuming, but OpenLegacy provides an alternative that is nearly automated and extremely easy to implement. Features include: 

  • Web Services and Stored Procedure Connectors 
  • OpenLegacy connectors to Web services and stored procedures allow enterprises to open up new parts of their infrastructure and Enterprise Service Bus platforms as standard APIs. 

ESB platforms’ strict governance often require a heavy time investment when extending them outward; but cutting corners on these types of projects often leads to ungoverned and unmanageable interfaces. With the OpenLegacy Web services connector, enterprises can easily transform any Web service into a well-structured REST API ready for use by any mobile, Web or cloud client while maintaining their current ESB as the single system of records.  Database stored-procedures often contain hard-to-migrate, sensitive data logic; extending access to databases without considering the stored procedures may risk data integrity. The new OpenLegacy stored procedures connector allows enterprises to utilize their existing trusted data logic layer for any JDBC-compliant database, allowing secured access to the data while maintaining its validations and integrity with very little effort or risk.

For enterprises that want to provide access to data from the Web without exposing core systems to external threats, the OpenLegacy Secure Web Gateway resides in the DMZ network and mirrors the OpenLegacy server from the internal network to the outside world. Tailored specifically to the OpenLegacy transactions and architecture, this gateway acts as a secure proxy preventing direct access to the core systems from the outside while still allowing data to be transferred highly efficiently and at low latency. 

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