PSI Technics introduces FLP6000AOC stacker crane controller

  • July 01, 2015
PSI Technics introduces FLP6000AOC stacker crane controller
PSI Technics introduces FLP6000AOC stacker crane controller

July 1, 2015 - PSI Technics introduces FLP6000AOC controller that eliminates mast oscillations of stacker cranes used in logistics facilities.

Stacker crane mast oscillations are a common problem in warehouse logistics. Oscillations typically occur during storage and retrieval processes and are most frequently caused by traditional positioning solutions that do not adequately account for the behavior of industrial vehicles. In conventionally-controlled machines, storage and retrieval cycles often require time to compensate for mast oscillations. These oscillations not only extend cycle times but mast swinging also increases mechanical stress.

The FLP6000AOC add-on prevents mast oscillations from the outset and compensates for mast swinging caused by external influences in near real-time. The FLP6000AOC add-on uses the principles of inertial navigation to identify and eliminate mast swinging. It leverages accelerometers to continuously measure the cranes’ position and velocity without the need for external references. This information is transmitted to the ARATEC Positioning Solution System which, in turn, intelligently adapts the positioning control based on the stacker cranes’ “learned” machine model to prevent and eliminate mast oscillations when the vehicle accelerates, decelerates or is traveling at defined velocity.

The advantages of the FLP6000AOC in combination with the ARATEC Positioning solution system include:

Reliable and repeatable oscillation control, regardless of the mast height. No modifications to the mast are required, which makes it particularly suitable for high-bay storage warehouses.

Improved cycle times and increased throughput by eliminating the time required to compensate for existing oscillations that generally occur during conventional control like PLC- or drive-based stacker crane control.

Gentler stacker crane control, which means longer-lasting mechanical components and an extended vehicle lifespan that reduce the need for expensive crane upgrades (modernize, don’t replace).

Reduced stresses on the mast base. Existing mast oscillations that are common with conventional positioning approaches cause significant stresses to the base of the mast which can result in unsafe conditions or loss of production should the mast crack or break during operation.

While the principles of inertial navigation may seem somewhat abstract, the FLP6000AOC advanced oscillation control add-on offers operators of logistics warehouses substantial and tangible benefits in the form of reduced wear, enhanced throughput, longer equipment life and better productivity.

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