Unitronics adds alarm management to UniStream PLC + HMI

  • June 30, 2015
  • Unitronics, Inc.
Unitronics adds alarm management to UniStream PLC + HMI
Unitronics adds alarm management to UniStream PLC + HMI

June 30, 2015 - Unitronics adds alarm management to UniStream PLC + HMI. The alarm management system is designed in accordance with the ISA 18.2 standard guidelines.

Intuitive to implement and easy to operate, the alarm management system includes a number of features that allow operators to detect alarms, analyze them, and to then take the proper corrective actions. These features include the Alarm Banner, which can immediately alert operators when alarms occur, and the Alarm Summary table that enables managers to review active Alarms and to perform any necessary actions.

Another feature is the Alarm Status Viewer. This interface allows operators to view all of the Alarms that exist in the system, check their status, disable and shelve them, and even to enter Comments via UniStream’s HMI virtual keyboard. In addition, the system supports state-based Alarm Suppression options, which allow the programmer to optimize alarm reports, prevent ‘nuisance’ alarms from occurring and avoid alarm flooding conditions.

The Alarm Management System is easy to configure via UniLogic, the application development environment for all UniStream HMI + PLC controllers.

User-friendly UniLogic allows programmers to create a variety of efficient alarms, and to tailor the HMI components of the Alarms system to suit the exact requirements of different automation systems and applications. An optional Advanced Configuration section enables programmers to optimize Alarm announcements. A binary Alarm log file is used by the Alarm Management System for logging all alarms data as well as operator control actions.

All of these UniStream features empower automation engineers and machine builders to develop safer and more efficient applications.

The Alarm Management System is included in the latest UniStream and UniLogic software release, which may be downloaded from the Unitronics website at no charge.


“Our new Alarm Management System will allow machine builders and automation control engineers to reduce unplanned downtime, Increase safety, improve operators’ effectiveness and improve the machine/ process performance and productivity” said Ofer Farkash, product manager for UniStream systems.

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