VT7S12 - Dual Channel Vibration Transmitter

  • May 23, 2015
  • Masibus Automation and Instrumentation Pvt Ltd
VT7S12 - Dual Channel Vibration Transmitter
VT7S12 - Dual Channel Vibration Transmitter

Masibus VT7S12 is an innovative Dual Channel Transmitter indigenously designed for accurate vibration measurement. It excites and reads signal from accelerometer and transmits overall vibration value as current/voltage signal. It measures Vibration in different parameters like Acceleration, Velocity, and Displacement. Configuration is very user friendly using front keys.

It is a low cost high performance vibration monitor in a modular format ideally suited for protection of valuable rotating machines against costly breakdowns including motors, fans, pumps etc. It employs True-RMS and RMS-Peak measurement techniques, considered best for general machine health. Online vibration monitoring can be made cost-effective by interfacing analog output with control systems like RTU/PLC/DCS.

Machine protection can be effectively implemented by alarm/trip facility or by interfacing analog output to remote systems like SCADA/DCS.


  • Small Compact size DIN rail mounted
  • Digital Display
  • Micro controller based dual channel Transmitter
  • Transducer/cable health check
  • Easy configuration front keys
  • Dual Retransmission 4-20 mA output
  • Measuring parameter: Acceleration, velocity, displacement – field configurable
  • Relay for Alarms, Danger

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