West introduces Pro-16 temperature controller for Batch Ovens

  • March 17, 2015
  • West Control Solutions

March 17, 2015 – West Control Solutions introduces Pro-16 temperature controller for batch ovens that provides traditional single loop control for standard applications while including a in-built programmer with 16 segments and up to 16 profiles for batch ovens.

Benchtop batch ovens are used in a variety of industries, including in the manufacturing of plastics and for the heat treatment of metal electrical components. Typical heat processing applications include varnish baking, paint stoving, rubber curing, resin bonding and mould heating.

Traditionally, manufacturers of benchtop batch ovens have designed a range of ovens to meet the varying demands of temperature control that specific applications have. For example, a batch oven for a simple heating application would likely incorpate a standard single loop temperature controller whereas a more demanding application such as varnish baking may require a batch oven with a profiling capability for its temperature control. Previously this would require the oven manufacturer to use different temperature control instruments depending on the oven’s end use. The need to develop assorted ovens for different applications can lead to greater manufacturing overheads such as increased inventory as well as reducing opportunities for cost saving on components through economies of scale. 

The Pro-16 controller provides traditional single loop control for standard applications whilst also including a in-built programmer with 16 segments and up to 16 profiles. Furthermore the Pro-16 can handle 2 PID sets enabling gain scheduling to be used for increased control in more challenging applications. This advanced level of functionality in a 1/16 DIN size controller enables a broad range of requirements to be met with the one single device.

By holding just one model of controller in stock that can handle all requirements, oven manufacturers can achieve significant cost savings for inventory. The Pro-16 also eliminates the need for dual manufacturing cells, and standard work as well as the downtime associated with switching between different devices during production operations.

The competitive pricing of the Pro-16 temperature controller enables a manufacturer of benchtop batch ovens to meet the demands of a wider variety of applications with no greater build cost for its temperature control component. This obviously provides a significant competitive advantage to the manufacturer as well as opening up a larger target market through the increased number of application requirements that it can meet.

The Pro-16 has up to four digital inputs and six outputs. The instrument has plug-in terminals meaning the oven manufacturer can easily create the necessary wiring before the controller itself arrives. Importantly the terminals and quick release panel clamp also make unit removal and maintenance much easier for the end user.



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