Wintriss adds web service to ShopFloorConnect Software

  • April 13, 2015
  • Wintriss Controls Group
Wintriss adds web service to ShopFloorConnect Software
Wintriss adds web service to ShopFloorConnect Software

April 13, 2015 – Wintriss Controls introduced a data-sharing capability for its ShopFloorConnect OEE and Downtime Tracking software. new Application Program Interface (API) is a SOAP 1.2-based web service that automates Job Queue Management and data transfer between the scheduling functions of existing ERP/MES software and the ShopFloorConnect software/hardware. 

The API allows ShopFloorConnect to gather the “next job” information from the existing scheduling system, and send it directly to the machine-mounted ShopFloorConnect Interface (SMI) controller – thus enabling paperless management of the production schedule.  As jobs are completed, the API gives ShopFloorConnect the ability to report part counts back to the ERP/MES in real time.

ShopFloorConnect displays real-time status information for all of your machines on your PC or mobile device’s web browser.   It automatically generates and delivers reports showing OEE, production, downtime summaries and other information, and provides the vital link to real-time data that is missing from many ERP and MES systems.

ShopFloorConnect is a turn-key solution that is scalable, flexible, and can be quickly implemented into any discrete manufacturing environment.  It comes factory-configured to communicate directly over your LAN with the ShopFloorConnect Machine Interface (SMI).

The ShopFloorConnect Machine Interface (SMI) is installed on any machine, and using only two readily-available control signals can track the machine’s operating status, production rate, and parts count (where applicable) – all with no operator involvement.   It also has a touch-screen display which allows the operator to select a downtime reason from a user-configured menu. The SMI has built-in Ethernet connectivity to communicate with the ShopFloorConnect server over an existing network.

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