Yokogawa releases AQ6373B spectrum analyzer

  • February 26, 2015
  • Yokogawa Corporation of America
Yokogawa releases AQ6373B spectrum analyzer
Yokogawa releases AQ6373B spectrum analyzer

February 26, 2015 - Yokogawa releases AQ6373B spectrum analyzer for measurements in the short wavelength region, from 350 nm to 1200 nm. It has a monochromator with a steep passband filter slope, a double-speed measuring mode, a multipeak/bottom search function, and a data-logging function.

It has a fast start-up time – about two minutes – and fast measurements, with only 0.5 sec for a measurement covering a 100 nm span. The steep passband filter slope of the monochromator is helpful for clearly separating spectral signals in close proximity to one another.

The AQ6373B offers a high resolution of up to 0.01 nm in the 400-470 nm range, a high close-in dynamic range of up to 60 dB, and a high sensitivity down to -80 dBm in the 500-1000 nm range. It also includes a free-space (non-contact) optical input, enabling the instrument to accept optical fibers with core diameters from 9 µm to 800 µm, and a color analysis function for determining the exact color of the input light, as experienced by the average human eye sensitivity (according to the CIE 1931 XYZ standard). Wavelength calibration on the AQ6373B can now be performed using the emission line of a common low-cost xenon lamp to ensure highly accurate results.

The AQ6373B is suited to testing optical devices and systems over the visible spectrum (from 380 to 700 nm) and the first window of optical communications (around 850 nm).

In the visible spectrum, the AQ6373B can be used to test and characterize LEDs used in the lighting, automotive, consumer electronic and signage industries and LASERs used in the optical storage sector (DVD and Blu-Ray disc readers and writers), in medical applications such as ophthalmology, surgery, dental and skin treatment and thermotherapy, in computing devices such as optical mice and barcode readers, and in devices for entertainment including laser shows and games, laser projectors and laser pointers.

In the first window of optical communications, the AQ6373B can be used to test and characterize the laser transmitters emitting around 850 nm (typically VCSELs), which are the most common transmitters installed in the multimode short-distance communications networks over glass or plastic fibers deployed in intra-building communication systems over FTTH networks.

The AQ6373B can also be very useful for the R&D activity associated with new technologies for optical communications based on wireless transmission, including Visible Light Communication (VLC), Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) or Free Space Optical (FSO) communication.

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