Aspen updates aspenONE for oil & gas

  • September 03, 2014
  • Aspen Technology, Incorporated

September 3, 2014 – Aspen Technology announces aspenONE Manufacturing and Supply Chain V8.7 software.  The software addresses Oil, Gas, and Chemicals companies’ challenge to maximize continuously the operational performance of plants, and to optimize the supply chain with increased visibility for better decision making.     aspenONE Manufacturing and Supply Chain V8.7 software includes the ability to:   Modify controller behavior Aspen DMC3, AspenTech’s adaptive control software, enables control engineers to continuously maximize operational performance and profitability by ensuring that their Advanced Process Control (APC) controller models always reflect the current operational and business drivers.  The Aspen DMC3 Robust LP Tuning feature provides the control engineer with the ability to make the controller more tolerant of model inaccuracy thus improving controller performance under rapidly changing process conditions.   Expand refinery pipeline scheduling Automated Pipeline Scheduling extends the scheduling capability of the Aspen Petroleum Scheduler down to ancillary terminals to accurately track inbound and outbound pipeline movements.  With the Aspen Petroleum Scheduler software, refineries can easily manage multiple and bi-directional pipeline segments and injection points with increased visibility and accuracy to make better – and more profitable – decisions.     Create the optimal refinery plan Aspen PIMS-AO software delivers on the latest advancements in optimization, including parallel processing, enhanced global optimization, feedstock basket reduction, and nonlinear modeling, to improve planning for refineries and olefins plants.  Optimization capabilities enable the feedstock planner to achieve the most profitable plan much faster than before – at least 8 times faster – increasing confidence in planning decisions and maximizing profits. Aspen PIMS-AO may be run from the aspenONE PIMS Platinum web-based flowsheet environment that was first introduced in February 2014 to easily visualize, run, evaluate and compare the plan and schedule side by side.   The V8.7 release of aspenONE Manufacturing and Supply Chain software, featuring updates to the Aspen DMC3, Aspen Petroleum Scheduler, and Aspen PIMS-AO software, is available immediately.  Customers on the aspenONE Licensing Model can upgrade to the new version for no additional cost.    

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