Certified Cyber Security for Critcial Endpoint Devices

  • November 13, 2014
Certified Cyber Security for Critcial Endpoint Devices
Certified Cyber Security for Critcial Endpoint Devices

EtherGuard, made by Ultra Electronics, 3eTI, is a Layer 3 industrial Information Assurance appliance designed to protect critical infrastructure facilities from internal or external cyber-attacks. Its versatile security platform delivers maximum performance, while it’s optimized system size, weight, and power design makes it the ideal solution for industrial installations.

More than a traffic encryption device, EtherGuard also provides protections such as port authentication, access-control, and application level packet inspection. Unlike competitors who are designed for general enterprise applications, EtherGuard is specifically designed to provide strong cryptographic defense-in-depth protection for IP connected PLC (Program Logic Controller) devices.

Deep Packet Inspection Generic firewall devices only filter industrial protocols based on TCP or UDP ports. Many virus and cyber-attacks use the same open ports for industrial protocol to penetrate a network. The application level DPI in EtherGuard offers addition layers of protection to isolate vulnerability contamination from one PC and prevent it from affecting the industrial control functions.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Network Authentication EtherGuard supports certificate based 802.1X port authentication protocol, simplifying device authentication inherent in an industrial network’s M2M communications. When installed together with a PLC, authentication of each PLC can be managed in the same way as a personal computer in a Federal or DoD network. Additionally, the utility network authentication service can be conveniently integrated with an existing PKI authentication infrastructure.

Proprietary Crypto Technology EtherGuard has the ability to create a secure ‘information-dark’ protective barrier that obfuscates any devices or services behind it, making it ideal for sensitive or critical device applications where leakage could weaken security.

Other Certified Cyber Solutions EtherGuard is just one of 3eTI’s CyberFence 663-series devices that offer a comprehensive range of affordable solutions from industrial SCADA firewalls to military-grade endpoint cryptos.  Go to http://www.ultra-3eti.com/products/cyberfence/devices/ to learn more.  


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