Emerson enhances Roxar Tempest reservoir software

  • October 02, 2014
  • Emerson Automation Solutions
Emerson enhances Roxar Tempest reservoir software
Emerson enhances Roxar Tempest reservoir software

October 2, 2014 - Emerson Process Management released Roxar Tempest 7.1 integrated reservoir engineering software suite. The  software comes with enhancements to its uncertainty management and reservoir prediction features within the software module Tempest ENABLE, allowing users to create ensemble-based prediction workflows and better quantify uncertainty in production forecasts. Tempest 7.1 also comes with significant advances to its Tempest MORE reservoir simulator and Tempest VIEW, the pre and post-processing interface for all Tempest modules.

The innovations in Tempest ENABLE are the first commercial results of the three-year Total Uncertainty Management program with leading operator Statoil. They also build on the long-term collaboration with the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the UK’s Durham University on the development of statistical algorithms. Tempest ENABLE has incorporated the latest research from Statoil and Durham University to enhance its ‘proxy’ based assisted history matching and prediction workflows, improving accuracy and efficiency. Now it is possible to sample the response surface to generate an ensemble of runs to give a direct statistical estimate of production uncertainty. In this way, reservoir engineers will have a much clearer overview of prediction variations, can identify specific runs for further economic evaluation, and generate more accurate and realistic production scenarios for risk management. Tempest ENABLE can be applied in a wide variety of scenarios including field appraisal, brownfield development, optimization, and modeling geological uncertainty. Tempest ENABLE also comes with an option allowing highly cost-effective multiple realization studies when used in tandem with the Tempest MORE reservoir simulator. The Tempest MORE module, a modern full-field physics simulator optimized for large models, has advanced in a number of areas. Parallel scalability is enhanced and dual porosity runs are much faster. There are also significant improvements in rock compressibility modeling, aquifer modeling, polymer simulation and the accurate treatment of near well physics – particularly relevant to gas condensate wells and leading to enhanced characterizations and predictions near the well. Tempest MORE can be coupled to and controlled by external programs such as network simulators. The robust, open protocols used make the integration of subsurface and topside calculations practical and the combined system leads to a more realistic modeling of the production system.

Tempest VIEW, the pre and post processing interface for all Tempest modules has seen a number of new enhancements. The results for hundreds of runs can now be loaded, plotted and viewed simultaneously. A scatter plot provides a simple and responsive way to graph 3D quantities, such as porosity, permeability and pressure, and enables engineers to easily explore correlations across grid properties. Support for third-party simulators has also been further enhanced.

Roxar Tempest 7.1, which is platform-independent, operates alongside Emerson’s reservoir modeling solution, Roxar RMS and is used in hundreds of installations worldwide. It consists of five modules: Tempest VIEW, Tempest MORE, Tempest ENABLE, Tempest PVTx, a PVT analysis tool, and Tempest VENTURE, an economic evaluation tool that provides cash flow analysis derived from simulation results. The five modules can be deployed as an integrated unit with a common interface or individually to enhance existing workflows.  

“Generating accurate future production estimates, quantifying uncertainty, and minimizing financial risk represent three of the industry’s greatest challenges,” said Kjetil Fagervik, managing director of Emerson’s Roxar Software Solutions.  He continues: “Our new version of Tempest meets these challenges head-on, providing users with the necessary statistical rigor and capabilities to generate accurate and realistic production scenarios, test multiple realizations, and better quantify uncertainties on volumes and cumulative production. We were always confident that the Total Uncertainty Management program with Statoil would deliver strong commercial benefits and in Tempest 7.1 we are starting to see the results.”

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