Engineered for the Real World

  • August 28, 2014
Engineered for the Real World
Engineered for the Real World

Real-World Rugged. Custom Engineered. When you need an industrial computer solution that fits your application perfectly... Make it Daisy.

Made to withstand the harshest of situations and environments—from a wash-down application to a hazardous area—Daisy is the ideal choice for Oil Exploration, Military, Flight Simulation, and Pharmaceutical and Food Processing. When you need a ruggedized industrial computer solution that’s customized to your specs and built for the most demanding applications and locations, you need to choose Daisy.

Designed for Your Application. The days of compromised applications are gone. When you innovate with Daisy, you get a highly customized, internally engineered solution — one that’s built from the ground up, in house. This ensures that you get the right industrial computer solution for your needs. At Daisy, we build your solution from scratch—ensuring better quality control and the exact design and components you need for your application.

Quality Service… Guaranteed. Daisy industrial computer solutions are built to last. However, if there’s ever a need for service, we offer the best in the industry. From a highly personalized level of customer service to custom re-engineering—if ever necessary—to ensure that no solution is ever obsolete, Daisy makes our customer relationships a top priority.

Contact Daisy for a Complete Solution. When you innovate with Daisy, you work with an industry leader—one who engineers the best, ruggedized computers and peripherals for extreme environments.

With Daisy, you can count on:

  • Solutions that meet the unique requirements of your industry and are never obsolete
  • Complete end-to-end custom designs
  • All manufacturing done in-house for the highest level of quality control
  • Specialized engineering for virtually any environment
  • Highly personalized service

Let us help you with the right custom industrial computer solution for your application. Visit to learn more.  

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