Events Recording Annunciator with Remote Display

  • August 29, 2014
Events Recording Annunciator with Remote Display
Events Recording Annunciator with Remote Display

General Overview:

The Ronan Series X11CB Event Recording Annunciator is the latest generation of Ronan’s reliable annunciators offered with LED window modules.  The X11CB is designed for the process and power industries, offering the most advanced data acquisition technology and monitoring, along with Ronan’s high quality and performance standards.

The system is equipped with an integrated Interface Module that allows for an Ethernet connection to the Configuration Software and other applications. The system also supports advanced automation protocols which allow communications with a host on a local or plant network.

The Interface Module continuously monitors system functions via a rugged CAN bus interface.

A system common trouble and a per-point auxiliary relay output may be utilized for field contact repeater or for remote group alarms.

Configuration Software:

The Ronan X11CB can be configured with the use of the Configuration Software in a MS Window Environment on a PC or laptop through an Ethernet connection to the X11CB system. The Configuration Application allows factory or field programmability and remote view of major features for each window. Selections such as alarm sequence, first out grouping, time delay and special functions can be set through the Configuration Application.

Special Features:

  • Alarm Capacity: 100 modules with up to four alarm points each on a single Interface Module
  • Event recording capability with local IM storage up to 100,000 events
  • Remote monitoring through Ethernet interface
  • Supports a variety of industry protocols (ModBus/TCP, DNP3)
  • Internal rugged CAN bus communication
  • Comprehensive user configuration with standard Windows software
  • All standard ISA sequences are user configurable
  • Front removable windows
  • LED colors: red, green, amber, white, blue
  • Eight bezel colors to choose from

Product Brochure with Specifications

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