HARTING announces Ha-VIS LOCFIELD RFID antenna

  • November 13, 2014
  • HARTING Inc. of North America
  • Harting Inc. Of North America
HARTING announces Ha-VIS LOCFIELD RFID antenna
HARTING announces Ha-VIS LOCFIELD RFID antenna

November 13, 2014 – HARTING announces Ha-VIS LOCFIELD travelling wave UHF antenna that makes it possible to create a passive RFID reading zone with a single antenna for applications like smart shelving systems, wireless sensor networks, door and window pass-throughs and tool identification processes in machines. It overcomes the challenges in trying to create a viable, large transponder reading zone the conventional way, which typically involves using multiple patch antennas with their fixed radiation patterns. LOCFIELD stands for LOCalized FIELD. The antenna generates a localized electromagnetic field along the contour of the antenna cable. A single Ha-VIS LOCFIELD coax cable, which comes in standard lengths of up to three metres or custom lengths up to 10 metres, becomes the antenna itself when connected to a high-power RFID reader. Two such antennas can be plugged into a dual port reader creating a reading zone up to 20 metres in almost any shape desired. The cable can be adapted to the layout or contours of any building, door, vehicle or machine interior or warehouse racking system, making it suitable for warehousing and logistics, transportation, as well as applications in the processing and manufacturing sectors. The LOCFIELD read range on FCC frequencies 902-928 MHz can extend from a few centimetres to over two meters, depending on the power of the RFID reader. This product has been extensively field-tested by large systems integrators in North America, Europe, and Asia, with excellent results. Many of these customers are finding that the LOCFIELD concept allows them to think of new opportunities to exploit the full potential of RFID tracking technology. About HARTING The HARTING Technology Group, family owned and based in Germany, employs approximately 3,900 people globally across more than 40 subsidiaries and branch offices. With production facilities in Europe, Asia and the United States, the HARTING portfolio of connectivity solutions focuses on multiple levels, from the machine to the device and into the communication infrastructure. The US plant in Elgin, Illinois is one of three HARTING locations that manufactures the HIS product line (HARTING Integrated Solutions/ back-planes) and custom cable assemblies. The company’s core business is intelligent and high-performance connection technology. HARTING works in almost all industrial markets with a focus on requirements for robust, reliable connectivity solutions.

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