HARTING introduces Han high temp connectors

  • November 13, 2014
  • HARTING Inc. of North America
  • Harting Inc. Of North America
HARTING introduces Han  high temp connectors
HARTING introduces Han high temp connectors

November 13, 2014 – HARTING’s Han High Temp connectors circumvent the limitations of deploying connectors in hot manufacturing applications up to 200ºC like mold machines and casting equipment. Conventional connector solutions involve locating the connectors well away from high temp areas of the machinery, requiring additional cabling. The Han High Temp can be located right at the machine, saving on cabling and potentially simplifying machine design and wiring. The connector can be mated and unmated at temperatures up to 200ºC due to a special non-adhesive seal HARTING implemented in the connector. The Han High Temp is based on the well-established Han B and Han E series, using the same panel cutout dimensions. The aluminum die cast hoods and housings feature a highly compressed surface with excellent non-stick properties allowing the connector to be unmated without the gasket sticking. The Han High Temp series features very rugged inserts made of injection-molded, liquid crystal polymer plastic (LCP) that deliver outstanding temperature resistance coupled with excellent mechanical stability. Temperature-resistant contacts (crimp or screw termination) ensure reliable connections with minimal contact resistance even at extreme temperatures. About HARTING The HARTING Technology Group, family owned and based in Germany, employs approximately 3,900 people globally across more than 40 subsidiaries and branch offices. With production facilities in Europe, Asia and the United States, the HARTING portfolio of connectivity solutions focuses on multiple levels, from the machine to the device and into the communication infrastructure. The US plant in Elgin, Illinois is one of three HARTING locations that manufactures the HIS product line (HARTING Integrated Solutions/ back-planes) and custom cable assemblies. The company’s core business is intelligent and high-performance connection technology. HARTING works in almost all industrial markets with a focus on requirements for robust, reliable connectivity solutions.

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