HSI Sensing Releases HSA-12115 reed switch

  • August 08, 2014

August 8, 2014 - HSI Sensing released the HSA-12115 reed switch, a powerful bi-stable latcher that's suitable for the demands of float sensing, liquid level sensing, and liquid measurement applications in the oil and gas industry The switch is rated for 120V AC and 350 VDC power and 50 watts. It has Rhodium plating on the switch’s internal contacts. The plating gives better contact resistance and also makes the switch more durable and longer-lasting, with a rated life through one million cycles. HSA-12115 switches are precision-manufactured with hermetically-sealed contacts, making them immune from oxidation, dust, particles and extending their operation in extreme environments. These switches are also engineered with electro-plated tin on the external leads for solderability.  

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