I.S. interfaces / barriers

  • August 01, 2014
  • PR electronics Inc
I.S. interfaces / barriers
I.S. interfaces / barriers

We deliver the safest signals by validating our products against the toughest safety standards. Through our commitment to innovation, we have made pioneering achievements in developing I.S. interfaces with SIL 2 Full Assessment that are both efficient and cost-effective. Our comprehensive range of analog and digital intrinsically safe isolation barriers offers multifunctional inputs and outputs, making PR an easy-to-implement site standard. Our backplanes further simplify large installations and provide seamless integration to standard DCS systems.

The I.S. interface range includes:

  • 9106B HART® transparent repeater (SIL2 / SIL3 Full Assessment)
  • 9107B HART® transparent driver (SIL2 certified via Full Assessment)
  • 9113B Temperature / mA converter (SIL 2 certfied via Full Assessment)
  • 9116B Universal converter (SIL 2 certified via Full Assessment)
  • 9202B Pulse isolator (SIL 2 certified via Full Assessment)
  • 9203B Solenoid / alarm driver (SIL 2 certified via Full Assessment)
  • 7908 Backplane (For 8 system 9000 units)
  • 7916 Backplane (For 16 system 9000 units)
  • 7932 Backplane (For 32 system 9000 units)
  • 5104B EX repeater / power supply
  • 5105B EX-isolated driver
  • 5106B HART® transparent repeater
  • 5107B HART® transparent driver
  • 5114B Programmable transmitter
  • 5115B EX signal calculator
  • 5116B Programmable transmitter
  • 5131B 2-wire programmable transmitter
  • 5202B Pulse isolator
  • 5203B EX solenoid / alarm driver
  • 5223B Programmable f/l-f/f converter
  • 5420B EX power supply

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