Kavilco's Industrial LVDTs

  • July 16, 2014
  • Kavlico Position and Force Sensors
Kavilco's  Industrial LVDTs
Kavilco's Industrial LVDTs

Kavlico Position & Force Sensors LVDTs operate using a non-contacting transduction principle providing friction free motion and infinite resolution.  This principle has been refined through manufacturing and test technology, to make Kavlico P&FS LVDTs the standard for control position measurements.

The CP1304X Series industrial position sensors have stainless steel housings that are resistant to harsh environmental conditions such as extreme high or low temperatures as well as corrosive environments.  Excellent reliability, linearity and durability are other strong features of these industrial LVDTs

  • Key advantages of CP11304X industrial LVDTs

–     Wide range of strokes

–     Cost effective

–     Suitable for use in harsh conditions

–     Rigid

–     Reliable

–     Non-contacting

–     Constant Sum 


•      Power generation

•      Underground, undersea and platforms

•      Oil and gas

•      Marine system controls

•      Off-road vehicles

•      Assembly and production machines

•      Inspection and testing systems

•      Manufacturing processes

•      Research and measuring labs

•      Hermetically sealed environments

Typical Applications

•      Gas, steam and wind turbines

•      Valves and actuators

•      Steam stop valve position

•      Stator vane actuator position

•      Petroleum, gas and mining extraction

•      Pipeline monitoring

•      Off-shore platforms

•      Mooring cables and extensometers

•      Industrial production machines – machine press, printing and molding equipment, fabricated metals etc.

•      Off-road vehicles – cranes, excavation, agriculture, forestry, construction etc.

•      Rudders, throttle, steering and choke valves for marine system controls

•      Infrastructure inspection and testing systems

•      Manufacturing processes – steel, aluminum, paper, tires etc.

•      Research and measuring labs – structure monitoring and test equipment

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