M.A.C. Solutions announces AssetVue KPI software

  • October 14, 2014
M.A.C. Solutions announces AssetVue KPI software
M.A.C. Solutions announces AssetVue KPI software

October 14, 2014 - M.A.C. Solutions announces AssetVue KPI (Key Performance Indicator) management software suite targeted at small-to-medium sized manufacturers, including OEMs, machine builders, systems integrators and process equipment suppliers. The software suite is designed to help companies maximise their revenues by identifying and delivering new value-added services that will improve their end customers’ performance. AssetVue comprises a suite of software modules that together deliver a complete solution consisting of data logging, remote communications, data archiving, trending and analytics – all in a customisable, but affordable software platform that is based on open-standard technologies. AssetVue comprises the following software modules:

Communication & Data Collection Data is collected from the OEM/machine builder’s equipment using the eWON VPN routers and the Talk2M or eFive secure Internet platforms. AssetVue Fetch Data Collector then harvests this data and transfers these files to a server.  

Historian Data files from the server are stored by using the Acron Data Historian, which can cater for both small-scale and enterprise-sized systems. The Acron Data Historian is built on robust, fault-tolerant technology and client server architecture, which means the software is scaleable and can grow as the OEM or machine builder’s requirements evolve.  

Analytics The Acron Data Historian generates comprehensive reports from archived process data over any time period, producing data reports by day, week, month and year. It is also possible to generate reports over custom time periods (e.g. shifts) with such reports defined by start and end conditions. These custom reports are ideal for process manufacturing and food industries, as well as production environments. Reports can be distributed and published in-house for the machine builder’s own internal use, as well as viewable across the Internet, by email or Web-server, for the end customer’s use.  

Web Publishing Web publishing of reports, real time data and trended machine/process data is achieved by using atvise Scada. This powerful web HMI and SCADA visualisation software is based on open standard web-technology (HTML5, SVG vector graphics) and so the atvise Web-Server can be accessed from any PC, Mac, Mobile or Smart Phone device, without the need for plug-ins or licenses for client devices.  

Alarm & Notify The alarm information portal, API-Videc, provides an alarm workflow and escalation system, to deliver alarms or notifications to the appropriate person in the organisation. This software also ensures that the right action is taken at the right time. By equipping their machines and process equipment with eWON industrial VPN routers and by utilising AssetVue – which enables machine and process data to be collected, analysed, reported and acted upon – machine builders can now ensure that their business is positioned for sustainable growth – and all of this can be achieved in a safe, secure network.  

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