One platform – all networks

  • August 25, 2014
  • HMS Industrial Networks Inc
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One platform – all networks
One platform – all networks

The Anybus CompactCom concept consists of ready-made communication interfaces for fieldbus and industrial Ethernet.  Regardless of your needs in terms of format and performance in your communication solution, there is always an Anybus CompactCom solution for you.

Choose level of integration: Chip, Brick or Module Anybus CompactCom comes in several form factors.  No matter which format you choose, CompactCom offers multi-network connectivity with a single development project, limiting your development efforts to an absolute minimum.

  • CHIP: A full network connectivity solution on a single chip for integration into your PCB design.
  • BRICK: A brick interface is ideal if you have limited space or want to add your choice of network connectors.
  • MODULE: Complete and interchangeable communication modules giving you the fastest time to market.

Choose performance level: 30- or 40-series

  • 30-SERIES: The Anybus CompactCom 30-series (based on the Anybus NP30 network processor) is perfect if you need a connectivity solution for general automation such as drives, weight scales, valves, barcode scanners, sensors, HMIs, etc.
  • 40-SERIES: The cutting-edge CompactCom 40-series is based on the award-winning Anybus NP40 network processor.  It is especially suitable for high-end industrial Ethernet and fieldbus applications with fast network cycles and synchronization demands.  Since the 40-series practically offers “zero delay” between the device and the network, it is ideal for high-performance, synchronized applications such as servo drive systems.

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