Perpetuum introduces IPM Power Module for Honeywell Wireless Transmitters

  • September 17, 2014

September 17, 2014 – Perpetuum released IPM FM certified Intelligent Power Module for Honeywell XYR 6000 series wireless transmitters. The IPM is a plug-and-play form, function and fit replacement of the standard Honeywell OEM battery pack that allows the XYR 6000 series transmitters to accept external power in the form of vibration, thermal and solar power as well as 24VDC with no user configuration issues. The IPM, along with the Perpetuum Vibration Energy Harvester (VEH), allows Honeywell end-users to extend the operational life of their XYR 6000 wireless transmitters to 10+ years without the maintenance cost or logistics of changing batteries. Users can now utilize the fastest data capture rates for their applications without adversely affecting the overall battery life of the transmitter.  

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