Proximity Detection and Distance Measurement for conveyors

  • July 09, 2014
  • LeddarTech

Monorail conveyors (also known as suspended or overhead conveyors) are generally used in car and aerospace factories to transport large parts through assembly lines. In such settings, each individual conveyor is equipped with its own motor drive and controller so that they can move independently. However, it is extremely important that the distance between transported items be monitored to avoid any potential damage.

One of our customers, a monorail conveyor manufacturer, was experiencing issues with current detectors and was looking for a compact sensor that could be quickly integrated into existing systems so that products remain at a safe distance from each other while they are being moved. Efficient detection and ranging in this case is crucial to ensure that the quality of the merchandise always remains optimal and that there are no bumps or scratches that could result in scrap on the line or in the need for rework before moving on to the next stage of production.LeddarTech’s Solution: Leddar™One Sensing Module

For this particular application, the Leddar™One Sensing Module is particularly effective as it is small enough (2”) to be easily incorporated into an individual conveyor train. The advanced optics in the Leddar™One ‚îÄ with its focused, yet conicbeam ‚îÄ allow it to precisely detect objects and measure distance in the 0 to 65 ft. range. Moreover, its low price point makes it an excellent option, considering that multiple modules are required for such applications. Product features: ÔÇ∑ - Provides excellent detection range ÔÇ∑ - Takes accurate and repeatable distance measurements in real time ÔÇ∑ - Works very well in harsh environments, as its diffused detection area makes it immune to ambient conditions ÔÇ∑ - Offers best overall performance for the price, compared to other detection technologies The Outcome Our customer integrated the Leddar™One into their large monorail conveyor controllers, fitting a sensing module in each conveyor train section. The Leddar™One is installed pointing forward (in the direction of the motion) and interfaces with the controllers to accurately detect/measure how far the next conveyor is and how fast it is going, thus ensuring that nothing ever collides and keeping product damage to a strict minimum.

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