Revolutionary Intelligent Alerting for SCADA

  • August 29, 2014
Revolutionary Intelligent Alerting for SCADA
Revolutionary Intelligent Alerting for SCADA

Put us to the test!  We’ll run your anonymous SCADA data through AISight to prove that we can find anomalies that can lead to alarms, shutdowns, and potentially dangerous events.

AISight for SCADA is the only self-learning, reason-based layer of intelligence for oil and gas production, electricity generation/transmission, and other process facilities.

AISight works with your SCADA system to identify potentially dangerous situations as they develop, rather than after an alarm has been issued.  This proactive approach to facilities management helps prevent safety and environmental issues, as well as stop loss situations such as theft or vandalism.  An additional benefit comes from identifying opportunities for increased production. 

AISight also provides insight into how operations are behaving, and alerts operators of critical process anomalies before alarms, equipment failure, or potentially dangerous events occur.

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