Safety Switches for Controlling Conveyor Operations

  • December 11, 2014
  • Toshbro Controls Pvt. Ltd.
Safety Switches for Controlling Conveyor Operations
Safety Switches for Controlling Conveyor Operations

Toshbro Controls Pvt. Ltd., offers many solutions for reliably and accurately detecting a jam in the chute/hopper, thereby eliminating plant downtime, minimizing losses and improving productivity. All our detectors are  suitable for outdoor installation and protected against deposit of fine particles causing false alarm or stoppage of conveyor.

A) RF Capacitance Switch

 The Nivolarm series of RF Capacitance Level sensors work on the time proven RF Technology. The probes designed specifically for this application through many years of experience offer reliable solution to protect build-up & prevent occurrence of blockage.


  • Reliable Measurement
  • Flexible probe ensures that the material falling on probe does not damage it.
  • No moving parts

B) Flow/No-Flow Detection (FlowJam)

The Flowjam is a microwave detector for contactless monitoring of material flows for ‘flow’ or ‘no-flow’. The system works by using microwaves, whereby the material movement is detected by means of the Doppler’s principle. Using Microwave technology, the FlowJam detects whether material is “flowing in” or is “absent”

The FlowJam can be installed in the hopper/chute and also at the discharge point of the conveyor to monitor the flow of material. As soon as the material flow gets interrupted the FlowJam sends a signal.


  • Simple Installation
  • Being contactless, not subject to wear & tear
  • Detects through dry material build-up


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