Schneider Electric releases Wonderware OMAC PackML software

  • November 13, 2014
  • Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric releases Wonderware OMAC PackML software
Schneider Electric releases Wonderware OMAC PackML software

November 13, 2014 – Schneider Electric releases Wonderware OMAC PackML software demo template that includes the PackML State Model, Control Modes and PackTags,  for describing machine conditions and sharing the information with users and other systems. It simplifies machine-to-machine communication, more tightly integrating packaging systems with production line systems while reducing the communication burden on real-time control systems. Additionally, a configurable user interface shows machine operators exactly how much time they have spent in each machine state and provides an overview of the most common reasons a system might stop. This enables the operator to correct problems in real time, before stops can negatively impact the business. Because InTouch Machine Edition integrates natively with Wonderware System Platform, Wonderware MES Operations and Wonderware MES Performance software, as well as Wonderware Intelligence software, it enables better access to a greater amount of production data. Such integration contributes to business and line optimization, including new ability to spot bottlenecks and manage work orders, as well as improves overall equipment effectiveness, production execution and traceability.

"OMAC PackML simplifies interconnection across packaging systems and enterprise applications, but it requires processing power beyond the capacity of many PLCs that are already installed on production lines,” Norm Thorlakson, vice president of Schneider Electric's HMI and supervisory software business. “But that doesn’t mean customers need to replace their controllers. Since no two machines or applications are exactly the same, our Wonderware OMAC PackML demo template can be integrated with any controller and run on any computer. Offering this new capability removes the need to build in supervisory PackML features, change existing PLC code or replace PLCs and other controllers. It’s a game-changing approach that represents our ongoing investment and commitment to a core industry offering.”

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