Schneider releases Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus software

  • November 10, 2014
  • Schneider Electric
Schneider releases Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus software
Schneider releases Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus software

November 10, 2014 - Schneider Electric released Recipe Manager Plus. The automation and control system-neutral software reduces the effort to manage product formulations and set up specifications on automated production equipment and machines. Powerful, ready-to-use configuration and operator user interface functionality, deep governance (role-based security, change management with item versioning and approval) and electronic history records offer fast time to value and empower operational teams to efficiently and consistently  manage more product variations and new product introductions while securing consistent quality. Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus is a web-based software application for recipe formula management and parameter download to automation systems. It connects to any or multiple automation systems for standardization of operational recipe management across lines, plants or business units to simplify the process of taking new recipes to market. Leveraging the latest web standards, user interface is securely provided through a browser on workstations, HMI panels and mobile devices, as well as embedded in existing HMIs or any other web portal or composite application environment. The software’s approach to recipe management reduces the number of recipe systems and formats to set up production and packaging machinery. It increases operational efficiencies and helps establish governance to secure and document consistent quality.

Key benefits:

  • Increased operational efficiency;
  • Faster product introductions;
  • Reduced cost of ownership;
  • Reduced cost of compliance.

Key capabilities:

  • Web-based, ready-to-use interface;
  • Client/Server application with central data management;
  • Role-based security, change management, versioning and approvals;
  • Formula download history and reporting;
  • Fully HMI and control system independent.

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