Securely Access Your Real-Time Plant Data Anywhere

  • September 23, 2014
Securely Access Your Real-Time Plant Data Anywhere
Securely Access Your Real-Time Plant Data Anywhere

Securely Access Your Real-Time Data from Anywhere

High-speed data throughput: Collect, send, and receive up to 50,000 data changes per second at speeds just a few milliseconds over Internet latency.

Security: No inbound connections. Supports SSL encryption and password protection. Requires no VPN or additional security hardware.

Integrity: No changes to the hardware or software of an existing system. You decide what data to transmit, and how: one-way or bidirectionally. You do all the configuration, and only you can make changes to it.


Visualize Your Data on the Web in Real Time

High performance: View any connected process in a fully web-based interface. Stunning graphics and real-time response replicate or exceed the performance of traditional HMIs.

Secure access: Only qualifed users can configure security settings to provide read-only access to limited data sets for public use, while giving bi-directional access to insiders. Authorized developers can access the complete online design interface.

Convenience: Create and edit screens from any location. No coding or development system required, just drag and drop desktop-quality graphics to build HMI screens right inside a web browser. Choose from thousands of symbols, or add your own. Deploy any changes to all users instantly.


Make Informed Decisions using Real-Time and Archived Data

Real-time analytics: A built-in scripting language and real-time connections to Excel provide a platform for running real-time analytics on data as it flows through the system.

Database integration: Log your process data to any OBDC database (such as SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, etc.) under any specified conditions. A sophisticated store and forward mechanism ensures that no data is lost due to possible connection failure.

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