Siemens introduces fiber optic modules

  • October 23, 2014
  • Siemens

October 23, 2014 - Siemens introduces Scalance X204-2FM Industrial Ethernet Switch (FM = fiber monitoring) and the MM991-2FM media module. The devices have integrated functions for the diagnosis of glass fiber optic cables in industrial networks. They enable users to detect faults such as reduced signal power at an early stage and then to initiate countermeasures so as to increase availability. Diagnostics can easily be performed from any PC with Internet access via web interface or simple network management protocol (SNMP). The new devices enable Siemens to provide an important technical basis for the wider deployment of fiber optic cables in industrial environments. Fiber optic cables are ideal for use in industrial environments, as data transmission is unaffected by electromagnetic fields. The cables can be laid right next to electrical drives, or even high-voltage cables. Unlike in the office world, the setup and diagnosis of glass fiber optic cables in the industrial environment has been a laborious business until now. Siemens is simplifying matters with the new Scalance X204-2FM Industrial Ethernet Switch and the new MM991-2FM 2-port media module. These devices make it easy to detect changes in attenuation caused, for example, by temperature fluctuations, movement or contamination. The threshold values can be set on an individual basis. Depending on the urgency, the devices offer two warning stages ("Maintenance demanded" and "Maintenance required") to indicate faults appearing imminently or in the medium term. Operators can also integrate the switch and the module into the diagnostics of a Profinet IO controller. Thanks to the comprehensive diagnostic functions, countermeasures can thus be initiated promptly, thereby reducing downtimes in industrial networks. If cabling is done using Siemens FastConnect FO cables, installation and maintenance is made even easier, as the plant personnel themselves can generally assemble the fiber optic cables on site without having to call in a specialist company. The Scalance X204-2FM has four electrical RJ45 ports with collars and two optical fiber optic cable interfaces using bayonet fiber optic connector (BFOC) technology. Apart from a rugged metal enclosure with IP20 protection, it also offers a high level of noise immunity and an extended temperature range (-40° to +60°C). Configuration data can be backed up on the C-Plug swap medium, permitting fast replacement of the device in the event of a fault. The MM991-2FM media module features a BFOC connection for multimode fiber optic cables and can be used in all modular switches of the Scalance X-300 series.  

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