Software Toolbox updates TOP Server software for EtherNet/IP

  • July 23, 2014
  • Software Toolbox Inc.
Software Toolbox updates TOP Server software for EtherNet/IP
Software Toolbox updates TOP Server software for EtherNet/IP

July 23, 2014 – Software Toolbox released TOP Server Version 5.15, which expands the Omron Suite with the new Omron NJ Ethernet driver and object support for the BACnet/IP Ethernet driver. TOP Server is an OPC and native HMI device connectivity software application, offering more than 130 different device drivers and plug-ins.

The Omron NJ Ethernet driver utilizes the EtherNet/IP protocol for efficient, reliable communications with Omron’s Sysmac NJ series of controllers. The driver includes features such as automatic tag generation which reduces user deployment time and cost by removing the need to configure tags in multiple systems; and support for routing through PLCs as a gateway to other PLC networks, which allows users to segment their Omron PLC networks as needed but still be able to access their data effectively.   In addition, TOP server Version 5.15 expands object support for the BACnet/IP Ethernet driver by providing access to the BACnet schedule and calendar objects in the BACnet devices. The settings on the calendar and scheduler objects are important for scheduling of building environmental control tasks in the building automation and energy management markets where BACnet is used extensively. As a central data source supporting multiple OPC standards, TOP Server supplies access to such BACnet information for applications other than typical building automation clients, including HMI, SCADA, historian, and enterprise solutions.   TOP Server Version 5.15 also brings updates to 28 other existing drivers and plug-ins, including SNMP driver AES encryption security enhancements, expanded addressing support to the Fisher ROC serial driver by adding support for Point Type 98, and performance enhancements for EFM Suite drivers.   Additional improvements in TOP Server Version 5.15 include:

  • Wonderware SuiteLink Performance – The native client interface has been improved to provide more efficient exchanges between client and server.
  • Allen-Bradley Ethernet Enhancements – Support for blocking string types for improved performance when accessing string memory on PLCs or SLCs.
  • Media Level Redundancy Support Expanded – Media Level Redundancy is now supported by the OPC UA Client and Modbus Plus drivers.
  • Other Driver Updates – Drivers with expanded functionality and improvements include ControlLogix Ethernet, GE Focas Ethernet, and Mitsubishi FX.

“Continuous improvement by supporting the latest controller technology is important to many of our customers who stay on the cutting edge by adopting the latest process improvements available,” said Kevin Rutherford, brand manager at Software Toolbox. “By supporting connectivity to the latest Omron controllers in this release, customers have the flexibility to implement innovative single architecture solutions like Omron’s NJ Series platform and take advantage of improved speed, performance, and efficiency for myriad complex control applications, including logic, motion, vision, safety, robotics, and sensing.”

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