Spectra Introduces RECONN Bioprocess Manager

  • October 01, 2014

October 1, 2014 - Spectra Automation announced RECONN Bioprocess Manager, a data collection, analysis and reporting solution geared towards bioprocess development laboratories. Most upstream process development facilities have disparate bioreactor and analyzer systems. Accessing and consolidating data from these different systems is a time-consuming, manual process. RECONN Bioprocess Manager connects with and seamlessly integrates research data from most common bioprocess instruments, allowing researches to spend valuable time using generated data rather than gathering and manipulating it. RECONN system automatically collects, aggregates and stores both vessel and analyzer data in a secure centralized historian. The RECONN Launcher then enables instant access to current and archived batches through ten convenient utilities including: real-time trend viewing, batch-to-batch comparison, statistical analysis tools and equipment status checks.  Automated custom report generation and distribution as well as e-mail/text notification of pre-set alarms are also included.  

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