Swissbit releases secure MICRO SD cards

  • July 17, 2014
Swissbit releases secure MICRO SD cards
Swissbit releases secure MICRO SD cards

July 17, 2014 - Swissbit releases PS-100u PE and PS-100u DP secure MICRO SD storage cards offer users a high level of storage security without a loss in speed thanks to AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) flash memory encryption and access protection.   This can be used for the entire memory, all files or just some of the files. Only users who authorise themselves by entering the right PIN can access the content. Possible areas of use include BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) data for companies, secure cloud data backups,  and any other area where secure data storage in hardware is needed to protect against data loss.   An invisible storage area enables the reliable and particularly secure storage of data, which is resistant against formatting. Different protection profiles are available for storing records such as audit trails, confidential usage data, SW libraries, address books, passwords, etc.   The PS-100u PE and PS-100u DP MICRO SD cards are also suitable for use as a reliable boot medium for embedded devices or PCs thanks to their optional write protection. This means a boot area or the entire storage area can be defined as write protected. These are therefore the first solutions to provide a secure boot medium as well as an editable area for storing user data within a single MICRO SD card. If the boot area needs updating, only the administrator can unlock it temporarily or permanently. With the nano USB MICRO SD adapter for a key ring, Swissbit is opening up a whole new range of possibilities for virus-free work environments for home banking or home offices.   Data such as chat messages, passwords, SMS, video or voice content can be encrypted very quickly in the hardware using AES CBC (Cipher Block Chaining) or CTR (Counter) mode thanks to the integrated AES.   Sample products are already available, serial production is due to start in September 2014.   Security Series PS-100u The PS-100u series currently includes three models for PKI, voice encryption and contact-free applications, and each comes with an integrated and highly secure smart card chip:

  • The Standard Edition PS-100u SE is ideal for authentication and PKI applications.
  • The Voice Edition PS-100u VE offers elliptic curve cryptography (ECC).
  • The contactless card PS-100u CL can be used in terminals with an external antenna.

With these secure storage products, Swissbit is focussing exclusively on the needs of B2B partners, solution providers and value-added resellers. Swissbit also offers security consulting and training, design-in support, prototyping and access to a large partner network for customer-specific turnkey solutions with short time-to-market. The target markets are first and foremost industry, telecommunication, banking, medicine and governments and public authorities.   About Swissbit: Swissbit is the largest DRAM memory module and Flash storage device manufacturer in Europe. Established by a management buyout of Siemens AG in 2001, Swissbit has facilities in Switzerland, Germany, the United States, Japan and Taiwan. Swissbit offers industrial DRAM memory modules in all popular technologies, Flash industrial storage products and secure storage devices. The Flash portfolio includes SSD (SATA and PATA interfaces), mSATA, Slim SATA, CFast, CompactFlash, USB Flash Drives, SD and microSD Memory Cards. With this broad portfolio Swissbit can cover all storage demands for any dedicated industrial market as well as automotive and telecommunication. Swissbit addresses the rising demand for security solutions and services with secure storage devices tailored for the market segments industrial, government, defense, medical, telecommunication, machine-to-machine communication and banking. All Swissbit products meet highest quality criteria and RoHS and REACH directives.

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