Ultrasonic Level Transmitter - MLU 860

  • November 03, 2014
  • Nivo Controls Pvt. Ltd.
Ultrasonic Level Transmitter - MLU 860
Ultrasonic Level Transmitter - MLU 860

The Ultrasonic Level Transmitter(MLU 860) offers non-contact measurement of level of liquids stored in tanks. As the instrument does not come in contact with the liquid, it is not affected by the chemical properties of the same such as corrosiveness and aggressiveness. In addition to level measurement, the instrument also offers distance, volume and open channel flow measurement.

The instrument works on the principle of transmission of ultrasonic waves in air. A pulse is transmitted from the sensor face into the tank. This pulse travels through the air, gets reflected by the liquid surface and returns back to the sensor. The on board electronics measures this total travel time of the pulse and the liquid level is computed.


  • 2 Wire Loop Powered
  • Narrow Beam Angle of only 5º
  • Built-in Temperature Compensation
  • Level, Volume and Flow Measurement
  • Optional Integrated Display
  • 32 bit linearization function

Application Examples

  • Raw Water         Oil
  • Heavy Water      Sugar Syrup
  • Chilled Water    Beverages
  • Effluent               Juices
  • Sewage              Acids
  • Alkalis


The MLU 860 can be used for the measurement of wide range of Parameters such as:-

1. Distance Measurement

2. Level Measurement

  • In closed tanks and open containers.
  • In applications where the sound velocity is not known, the 32 bit linearization function can be used for accurate level measurement

3. Volume measurement

  • With a database of 10 Pre-programmed Tank shapes, the instrument can be used to calculate the volume of the liquid in the tank.
  • The 32 bit linearization function gives the instrument the flexibility to calculate the

4. Flow Measurement

  • Suitable for open channel flow measurement with calculations based on 20 preprogrammed flume and weir formulaes
  • The instrument offers 2 Flow totalizers for volumetric flow measurement. One of the totalizers is resettable while the other is not.



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