Upgrade Modbus Network with Visualization

  • August 11, 2014
  • Hilscher
Upgrade Modbus Network with Visualization
Upgrade Modbus Network with Visualization

Looking for a simple, low-cost solution to visualize and control Modbus-networked manufacturing systems? Hilscher’s new netSCADA Modbus upgrades any Modbus-enabled network with visualization and control using standard web browsers and user-friendly point-and-click tools. Visualization pages can be accessed and displayed on any Windows or Linux PC-based system, such as tablets and smartphones with browser support. Installation costs are minimized because the unit is accessed by the existing Ethernet IT infrastructure.

The device itself links to the network with simple Modbus RTU protocol over serial RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485.Two Ethernet ports, with integrated 2-port switch functionality, connect the unit to the existing IT network with no need for additional Ethernet switches.

The web visualization pages are accessed with any of the common web browsers, without having to use plugins such as ActiveX, Flash, Java or Silverlight. Multiple browsers at a time can be supported. Although native Web Technology is being used, there is no HTML code programming necessary. Front-end page creation and dynamic elements are easily and quickly configured with a few mouse clicks. Standard features include color change, movement, scaling, user rights, multilingual support, and the support of all common graphic formats.

In addition to the monitoring of online data, netSCADA Modbus supports Alarming and Acknowledgment and Data Trending.  A large catalog of high-quality graphics designed for the industrial sector is optionally available as a library.

Contact Phil Marshall, Hilscher North America, or call 1.630.505.5301, for more information. 

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